My name is Melissa. As of 2021, I’m a Marketing student at Lancaster University. I’m on my placement year, working as a Communications placement student for EDF Energy. 

I know that managing your late teens and your twenties can be tough, as you’re suddenly being exposed to the adult world. That’s why I created this blog – to share my experiences in navigating your twenties. 

Like most people around my age, I identify with some of the traits of Millennials, but not all of them. I identify with some Gen-Z traits too, but not all. I am a Zillennial. 

So follow along if you want to hear about university applications, CVs, university life, placements, but you also want to hear a bit about growing up – about friendships, relationships, and all the big life changes that come from being a young adult. 


What A Levels did you take?

I did A Levels in French, Business Studies and Psychology. I also did the EPQ. 

Where do you study?

I am currently studying at Lancaster University. I’m in County College.

What subject do you study?

My course title for my degree is Bsc (Hons) Marketing Management. It involves studying marketing mostly, however I have taken multiple minor subjects including psychology, media studies and sociology. My degree also includes a placement year.

Did you go straight to university after leaving sixth form?

Yes and no – I went straight after sixth form, but I wasn’t ready to go and didn’t enjoy it so I deferred for 2 years, taking that time out to build my confidence, experience and get to know myself. I then went back to university at age 20 and I am absolutely loving it!

Where do you want to go with your career?

I’m very open minded about my career, however a personal rule is I have to feel like whatever I’m doing, I’m working towards something important, that will make a positive impact on the world. I want to use marketing and my business studies background to inspire change, both from within organisations and by inspiring the public to demand change. 

I’m particularly interested in environmental issues and climate change, and some of my dream organisations to work for include Greenpeace, Client Earth, WWF, the Wildlife Trust, to name a few.

I also want to live abroad, in particular I’ve always wanted to live in the USA or Canada, so I want to build a career that can take me there, if only for a few years. 

I want to learn more! Where can I go to hear more from you?

Most of my content is right here, on this blog. Add your email address below to be notified when I post something new.

You can also follow me on Instagram here. If fashion is your thing, you can follow my Vinted page here.

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