J.B Mackinnon’s The Day the World Stops Shopping: Book Review

What if the world stopped shopping? J. B. Mackinnon shines a light on the damaging effects of overconsumption on the planet and our health, wellbeing and happiness.

What is university really like? What to expect when you start uni

Confirmed your place at uni but not sure what to expect? Read on to find out. University is very different from sixth form or college. So different in fact, when I was in sixth form, I couldn’t fathom how teaching could possibly work in any other way than what I knew. And what little IContinue reading “What is university really like? What to expect when you start uni”

What is an Industrial Placement Year? Pros and cons of a sandwich placement year

An Industrial Placement year can be a valuable addition to your university experience, but what is it, what does it involve, and what are the challenges and benefits to getting one?

I did the No New Clothes Challenge: Here’s how it went, and how you can do it too

Buying endlessly more and more clothes will never make us happier, more confident, or more creative.

Communications Industrial Placement: My experience so far

I’m 2 months in to my industrial placement year, so now I’ve been able to settle in and get started on some of the projects my placement company have given me, I thought I’d share my experiences so far.